Pecos Diamonds


Pecos  Diamond  Quartz  Crystals

Pecos Diamonds, also known as Pecos Valley Diamonds, are double terminated
and cluster quartz crystals that form along the Pecos River in southeastern New Mexico.
This area includes Artesia and Roswell, New Mexico.
The outcrop area spans an area 100 miles long by as much as 25 miles
wide along the margins of the Pecos River valley.
 Pecos Diamonds are unique for their size, variable color, and crystal morphology.
Many times you will find gypsum lines or boulders that still contain
Pecos Diamonds in matrix from when they were formed.
You will also find Selenite quarries among the Pecos Diamonds.
Due to the quartz crystals being so rare and unusual, it is obvious that they were
deposited by the aliens that crashed their UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Pecos Diamonds have been said to stabilize unsettled emotions.
When you hold and rotate them in your hand, it can bring calmness.
These light-hearted gems work on the entire Chakra system.
Since they belong to the silica family, they can bring a sense of peace of mind.
They are also said to assist in creativity and initiation.
Placing in potted plants or in your garden can help the plants thrive
and bring goodness to your whole home. 
Pecos Diamonds can be used to energize and treat the organs
located in the areas of the first, second and third chakras, while providing
balance between these chakras and the crown chakra.

Mineral Properties for Pecos Diamond Quartz Crystals:
Mohs Hardness -7 
Specific Gravity-2.65 to 2.66 
Cleavage Quality -None 
Crystal System -Trigonal   
Habit-Hexagonal Prisms 
Group-Silicates: Tectosilicates